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Everyday Epicurist™: Who We Are

You might be wondering, “Who is the Everyday Epicurist™?”

The Everyday Epicurist™ is that person who is curious about getting the most out of life. We want to learn, discover and experiment. We relish the idea of good food. Food that doesn’t come from a box, but also doesn’t take hours in the kitchen and a mastery of French to prepare. The Everyday Epicurist™ wants to go to their local Farmer’s Market and find the freshest ingredients to make the most amazing tapas to share with friends.

The Everyday Epicurist’s™ space is coming into its own, stocked with cookware that fits our lifestyle, not the old stuff we inherited from our Grandma when we moved out of our apartment, away from all our roommates and into our first house. The Everyday Epicurist’s™ kitchen may not be gourmet, but it’s a smart, functional place where everyone gathers to hang out and connect while the pasta is boiling, the sauce is simmering, the margarita pitcher is chilling. While we’re chopping the fresh basil, our tablet is on overdrive. Perched next to the cutting board, it’s opened to that new recipe we’re gung-ho to try.

The Everyday Epicurist™ craves learning. Perhaps it’s how to make the world’s best guacamole or how to grill homemade pizza or what to do with that jar of cumin. That’s where EverydayEpicurist.com comes in. We’ve got tips and insight from people who know this stuff like the back of their hand. Our knowledge isn’t for our moms. It’s for us. It’s usable, visual, innovative and intelligent.

So, to answer the question, “Who is the Everyday Epicurist™?”

It just might be you.

Join us as we explore our culinary world and create our own story about experiencing good food, sharing with good friends and living our lives our way.

Everyday Epicurist™
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