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Guide to Planning a Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

DIY Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

When planning a party or an event, it is always smart to begin by creating a theme. Some sort of inspiration to give your Pinterest-obsessed brain a starting point.

Wedding season is just around the corner, and as more and more of us are embracing the DIY and Maker Movements, I had this idea to plan a cooking themed bridal shower. Since I have become a food blogger, many of my peers have asked for me to teach them how to cook or to offer cooking classes. I thought what a fun and interactive idea for a shower!

Instead of playing the more traditional games and sitting for hours, why not make a recipe or two as a group? You will need someone that will head up the instruction. We all have that foodie friend or auntie that knows all the secret family recipes. Or you could hire a chef to assist.

Sipping champagne and sharing a few laughs while in the kitchen together is bound to result in a successful shower!

Guide to Planning a Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

Basic Planning Tips

The key here is to make sure the recipes are appropriate for the size of the group. I would recommend this type of shower for a group of 5-20 people.

Create an efficient space with work stations. Depending on the size of the home or kitchen, tables can be set up with the kitchen tools that will be needed in advance. Remember items like sponges, towels, cutting boards, knives and prep bowls.

Bridal shower cake building fruit

No one wants to be washing dishes during the party. Set out a few plastic bins like these to store dirty cooking tools when finished. Set them aside to a room out of use (laundry room for example) when the cooking is complete.

Plan the Menu

Choose one or two recipes that the group will prepare. Depending on the size of the guest list, you may have half of the group make one recipe, while the other half prepares the other.

Bridal Shower Menu Card

I demonstrated how to perfectly sear salmon to serve over a delicate salad of butter lettuce, orange supremes, avocado, red onion and a creamy orange dressing. Since there were not too many of us, each lady was able to cook their own piece of fish, and then everyone was in charge of a different component of the salad.

Bridal shower orange and lemon halves
Bridal shower squeezing orange

“Undeviled” Eggs
Cucumber and Mint Tea Sandwiches
Caprese and Honey Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Green Bean and Radish Salad
Pan-Seared Salmon Salad with Creamy Orange Dressing

Bridal shower caprese and honey grilled cheese sandwiches

Bridal shower undeviled eggs and green bean and radish salad


Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Raspberry Filling
Mini Raspberry Tarts

The hot wedding cake design right now is referred to as a “naked cake.” It’s a layered cake filled with yummy fillings such as custards, jams or icing and then only lightly frosted on the outside. Decorated with fresh flowers and berries, they are the most beautiful minimalistic cakes.

Each guest was given their pre-baked mini layer cake to fill, frost and decorate while I decorated a larger 4-layer lemon poppy seed and raspberry almond cake. YUM!!! Since we had plenty of sweets, the girls could take their mini cake home as a favor.

Bridal shower cake building adding layer 2

I cannot decorate a traditional cake well, but these naked cakes are so easy, even mine turned out quite lovely, I must say.

In addition, we noshed on these vibrant Mini Raspberry Tarts and I purchased Kolaczki cookies, because we all need a short cut at times.

Bridal shower mini raspberry tartlets
Bridal shower Kolaczki cookies

With any gathering or event, a signature cocktail is convenient and festive. We sipped on Rosé Champagne and Elderflower Bubbly. Slightly sweet, and not too potent for an afternoon lunch.

Rosé and Elderflower Bubbly

Bridal shower rose champagne and elderflower bubbly featured

Pay Attention to Detail

I’m a firm believer that the little details are what make a party memorable. And flowers, always flowers!

This gorgeous arrangement was created by Rose at Flowers by Joseph, who also arranged all of my wedding flowers years ago. Fresh flowers add such a touch of elegance. I wanted these to be super feminine and make the guests feel that it was truly a special day. We were not only honoring the bride, but also the close friendships that had evolved over the years.

Bridal shower table set

For those that have been given the crafty gene, try making a paper flower letter in the bride-to-be’s future last name. Our “M” was the focal point of the dessert table and is something the bride can take home with her and possibly use at the wedding or reception.

Bridal shower dessert table close up

Carry Out the Theme

Invitations that coordinate with the theme set the tone. The invitation exudes the vibe of how formal or informal the event will be and what to expect that day.

We created an editable template here for both the invitation and menu card that you can print for your own use! How great is that? Plus, we’ve included a list of registry must-haves for the couple who loves to cook.

These rosemary and orange flavored salts were also given as a token of appreciation to guests to piggy back off the cooking theme. Guests also brought a recipe card to give the bride to add to her collection.

Here a few more photos from the day….

Bridal shower napkin and flowers on plate
Bridal shower full plate and drink
Bridal shower toasting
Bridal shower lemon poppy seed raspberry almond layered cake cut two plates

Good luck in planning your next wedding shower or event! Please reach out if you have any questions about menu options or recipe choices! I’d be more than happy to weigh in.

Bridal Shower Invitation, Registry, and Menu Card

Download the Menu Card (Editable PDF Form | Word Document)

Download the Shower Invitation (Editable PDF Form | Word Document)

Download the Gift Registry Must-Have Checklist