Patio Snack Time

Summer calls for the perfect patio snacks when you are not willing to be bogged down in the kitchen. Spicy pepper jack cheese bites are dipped in a cooling avocado ranch and Parmesan crusted eggplant fries are baked until crunchy and serves with a garlic yogurt dip. Read More

A Breakfast Masterpiece

Take a snack that everyone loves and turn it into a breakfast masterpiece. Banana Bread French Toast will change the way you see this this traditional quick bread and have you baking up a storm. Read More

Not Just Another Chicken Recipe

One of my favorite chicken dishes right now is seared chicken thighs that are baked in a sticky, tangy honey mustard sauce with hints of orange flavor. A fantastic dinner for any night of the week. Trust me! Read More

Mother’s Day Danish Delight

A fresh baked rhubarb and cheese Danish makes a heart-felt treat for Mother's Day. Tart jam, sweet cheese filling and flaky pastry is sure to bring smiles. Read More

Cheesecake Meets Ice Cream

The creamiest ice cream ever! Cheesecake and ice cream unite for a whole new take on the sundae experience. A sweet strawberry basil sauce screams summertime and peppercorn shortbread give you the crunch you are craving. Read More