Sausage and Apple Herb Stuffing

The stuffing recipe I make year after year. Chewy sourdough bread is tossed with savory breakfast sausage, sweet apples and lots of fresh herbs, making the perfect holiday side. Read More

Turkey Gravy

A quick and easy guide for turning your turkey drippings into delicious, creamy gravy. Read More

Sweet and Sour Braised Red Cabbage

An old-world recipe that brings flavor and color to your holiday buffet. Smokey bacon, apples, onions, tangy vinegar and herbs combined with red cabbage makes the most delicious side dish. Read More

Blue Cheese Tart with Cranberry Sauce

Flaky, golden crust filled with a blue cheese custard and topped with tart cranberry sauce. The perfect little nibble to awaken the palate. One of my favorite cocktail party appetizers. Read More

Butternut Squash Bisque

A wonderful blend of fall vegetables with a touch of sweetness from apple cider makes the most delicious butternut squash bisque. A soup that sets the tone for a memorable holiday meal. Read More

Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie

Dark chocolate and salted pecans form the most delicious pie for your dessert table. Plus, it's an easy to make recipe for those who are hesitant about baking. Read More