Soba Noodle Bowls

Infuse flavor with ginger and garlic into store-bought vegetable stock and make steaming hot bowls of noodle soup goodness. Top with Asian vegetables and fresh pan-seared salmon or duck breast for a experience that will undoubtedly be memorable. Read More

Wow the Crowd Seafood Paella

Traditional Spanish flavors of saffron-scented rice and fresh seafood are married together for an elegant one-pot meal that is perfect to serve to friends. Make it a potluck. Someone brings the salad, someone brings the bread and you are all set. Read More

The Perfect Brunch Frittata

This is my go-to brunch main dish when entertaining or hosting Mother's Day. Frittatas can be made ahead and reheated as well as served at room temperature. Mix in your favorite ingredients or what you have on hand. Read More

“Wine and Cheese” Burger

A fun, spiced up burger without having to go to a fancy burger joint. A beef patty with crumbled blue cheese, cabernet onions and homemade BBQ sauce, all piled onto a brioche bun. Talk about delicious! Read More