Fried Chicken Biscuits with Sriracha Hollandaise

Inspired by Biscuit Head restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina, this fried chicken biscuit with Sriracha hollandaise will blow your mind. The south seems to have this breakfast thing down. If you try one recipe from this blog, let this be the one. Read More

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

A game day favorite recipe that goes hand in hand with a cold one. Buffalo Chicken Sliders are made with lean ground chicken for a healthier take on the traditional breaded wings. Read More

Game Day Chili

This is the perfect chili for game day. With hints of chocolate and jalapeños, three kind of beans and plenty of meat. Don’t need the whole batch at once? Make a smaller portion, or make it all and freeze the rest for later. Read More

Cobb Salad Lettuce Wraps

All the ingredients of a traditional Cobb salad but served in a lettuce wrap! Low-carb and filling, a great lunch or light dinner option. Read More

Open-Faced Lobster Rolls

These yummy rolls make for a tasty finger food for any number of occasions. Try them for your next picnic or party and impress your friends with these culinary delights. Read More

Power Banana Breakfast Sandwich

Slather on nutty almond butter and layer bananas between hearty whole wheat french toast for a breakfast that will give you the energy that will last all day. Great before a long hike or bike ride. Read More