Quick Chorizo Chilaquiles

A quick Chilaquiles recipe that will be sure to cure your ailments from any late night shenanigans. Spicy chorizo tops corn chips that are smothered in smokey chipotle. Pile on a few fried eggs, queso fresco and pickled red onions. This is hangover cure in one pan! Read More

Ham with Spicy Pineapple Glaze

This juicy ham is glazed with a combination of pineapple, brown sugar and chili garlic sauce. Try out this delicious recipe that people will rave about. It’s so easy! Read More

Rustic Sausage and Bean Stew

A hearty peasant-style stew with sausage, vegetables, beans and pasta. This dish is highly satisfying and healthy. It’s a quick, easy MAKER™ Meal. Read More

Quick Chicken Gumbo

With chicken, sausage, okra, peppers, onions and herbs, this gumbo is full of flavor! It’s an easy-to-make family favorite, perfect for a weeknight meal that can be down in under 30 minutes. Read More