Open-Faced Lobster Rolls

These yummy rolls make for a tasty finger food for any number of occasions. Try them for your next picnic or party and impress your friends with these culinary delights. Read More

It’s a Flower and Yes, You Can Eat It

Goat Cheese Stuffed Fried Zucchini Blossoms. Fill zucchini blossoms with goat cheese and sweet honey and dip is a super airy batter. Flash fry for a few minutes and you have an impressive but simple appetizer to share. Read More

Grill Your Watermelon and Make a Salad

Grilled watermelon salad with jalapeño. Throw watermelon on the grill and drizzle with honey, lime juice, sliced jalapeños and crumbles of queso fresco. This salad was meant for a hot day next to the pool. Read More

The Cauliflower Game Changer

Sautéed cauliflower with pepperoncinis and Manchego. Toasted cauliflower is joined by tangy pepperoncini peppers, gooey Manchego cheese and nutty pine nuts. A side dish that takes no prisoners. Read More