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A Global Gobble

Alright, friends. I’ve laid the ground work, and I’m hoping you are feeling inspired by this meal, or at least a dish or two…either way, you now have to hit the ground running. Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

It’s go time.

Planning a multi-course meal, especially a large one, can be daunting. That is why we put together a planning guide to ensure you can pull this all off.

A grocery list, timeline and all the recipes are right here! Print this helpful tool and be confident in your hosting abilities.

Our appetizers set the stage for this globally-inspired spread with Greek Kale Stuffed Mushrooms, Spiced Carrot Spread and Brie and Cranberry Wontons.
Global gobble appetizers platter full overhead

The main event revolves around a brined and roasted turkey. You may find yourself stalling before carving it. You want to gaze at it in all its glory just a few moments longer.

Brined Thanksgiving turkey platter full 2

The side dishes are influenced by many areas of the globe. The American southwest is represented in the Cornbread Stuffing as well as the Poblano Creamed Corn. The Vietnamese Brussels Sprouts and Curried Sweet Potato Latkes bring in Asian flavors. Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce has a Spanish feel. The Beet, Orange and Fennel Salad is so simple, as are the Mashed Potatoes with Mascarpone with their Italian-inspired ingredients. And lastly the German-Style Green Beans lend flavors familiar to those in the cooking we do often today because of the European roots in this country.

Thanksgiving table overhead serving


Thanksgiving table overhead


German style green beans platter full side shot

Desserts continue on with this theme with a classic French Tarte Tatin, a Coconut Key Lime Tart that has a tropical feel, and lastly Pumpkin Cheesecake with Mexican accents like Mexican spiced pecans and a dulce de leche topping.


Global gobble desserts platter full overhead

Global gobble desserts plated full overhead

Dulce de leche pumpkin cheesecake plated full

As I write out this menu in this very moment, I am becoming emotional. Doesn’t this represent OUR America today? OUR Thanksgiving? We all come from different backgrounds, different regions and different walks of life. Everyone brings something to the table. Literally and figuratively. Why not make this year the year to embrace the progression that has occurred over the last 350 years?

Thanksgiving table plate before food horizontal

Thanksgiving table plate with food overhead

And if the turkey isn’t perfect and or the pie doesn’t set, do not lose your cool. Just remember this day is about giving thanks for our blessings. Being surrounded by friends new and old, family immediate and extended…all the love and the dysfunction is a perfect storm. Hopefully a storm settled by second helpings, cat naps and football.

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